Workable Walls | Maximizing Wall Space in Small Spaces

Workable Walls | Maximizing Wall Space in Small Spaces

  • Kathy Sexton
  • 04/14/23

Workable Walls | Maximizing Wall Space in Small Spaces

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If your small home lacks closets and cabinets, vertical storage is a great alternative. You can use walls in creative ways to display and store your stuff without taking up valuable floor space. Here’s how: 

Foldable Furniture.

Murphy beds are the most common example of foldable furniture. These beds typically mount to a wall or come in freestanding cases. Hinges or springs allow the bed to fold up and away when not in use. They prove ideal for multipurpose studio apartments or spare bedrooms (think combo office and guest room). Options and functionality range widely, so shop carefully. You can purchase murphy beds that revolve, with one side housing shelves and a TV mount. Others serve double duty as a desk during the day but a bed at night.

Wall-mounted tables also save space. These can be used as desks, nightstands, or laundry folding tables. Some serve as decorative shelves when upright and as dining tables when folded down.

Folding chairs save plenty of space, with most closing into a slim profile that can be leaned against a wall or secured on pegs or hooks. Some options attach directly to walls, folding down when needed and up out of the way when not. These work well in entryways as a handy spot to sit when putting on or taking off your shoes. They can provide extra seating for guests or even shower seating (if water safe). Take care when installing, as they must be secure enough to hold the intended weight.


Pegboard is a stiff board with evenly spaced holes that host pegs or hooks on which you can attach various things. In kitchens (famously, Julia Child’s), they hold utensils, pots, and pans. In garages, they might hold tools, extension cords, or containers for nuts, bolts, screws, and nails. Pegboards also work great for organizing craft rooms and offices. Create a DIY pegboard by gathering supplies at the hardware store, or buy a premade version that comes with accessories. The Container Store offers the Elfa shelving system, which includes pegboards and storage options; while Ikea offers the Skådis pegboard collection, which comes with accessories suitable for kitchens, baths, and offices.

Magnetic Strips.

With an abundance of metal, kitchens provide the perfect place to use magnets, helping to keep your drawers and countertops clutter free. Replace a bulky knife block with a magnetic strip to keep knives and metal utensils like whisks and offset spatulas. These strips usually screw into a wall, so take care to choose the best spot before installing.

Magnetic paper-towel holders provide flexibility. This means you can move a holder to the best location—such as the side of your refrigerator—and put towels within easy reach for dynamic tasks.

Magnetic spice racks offer another space-saving innovation. Some setups come as racks that stick to the side of your fridge and hold whatever spice jars you already have, up to a weight limit. Others feature metal plates that attach to your wall with refillable jars and magnetized lids that stick to those plates.

Your place might be small, but you can live big with these innovations to maximize your wall space.

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