Taking Stock

Taking Stock

  • Kathy Sexton
  • 08/18/23

Taking Stock | How a Utilitarian Stock Tank Can Transform a Backyard

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The Koch family’s stock-tank pool actually began its journey at their ranchette in the Texas country. Because they have well water, the family of six would fill up the stock tank to cool off during hot summer months, then dump the water when they were finished, allowing it to naturally return to their well system. They brought this routine to their Austin, Texas home (affectionately named Harvey House) in the summer of 2020, when Covid shutdowns affected their local public pools.

“It was funny because stock-tank pools became popular and, all of a sudden, you couldn’t find the big ten-foot one, which is what we had at the ranch,” recalls homeowner Shelby Koch. “So, we actually transported that one here, and then had the deck built and just kind of went for it.”

Within about a month, their yard was summer-ready. Stationed alongside their existing patio with a long farm table and a grill, and with a Ping-Pong table and basketball court situated behind, the stock-tank pool was the final piece to turn their yard into a family destination.

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