Sweet Spot | Cozy Cafes Designed to Delight the Senses

Sweet Spot | Cozy Cafes Designed to Delight the Senses

  • Kathy Sexton
  • 11/17/23

Cozy Cafes | Cozy Cafes Designed to Delight the Senses

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The Greek goddess Persephone is known for several mythological roles; among those is the personification of the ancient grain spirit. With two locations in Wyoming, Persephone Bakery—inspired by the history, sights, and tastes of Europe—has a storied reputation for fresh and flavorful pastries and breads.

The concept for the popular dining spots came from Ali and Kevin Cohane; the couple fell for Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where they turned their passions into a success story that continues to expand. After moving to Paris where Kevin studied culinary arts, followed by Chicago where Ali studied design, they returned to the Tetons and opened a small wholesale production space. Today, that’s grown to two Persephone locations, a sibling café (Picnic), and a restaurant (Coelette).

Most of the baked goods are made at their production facility and sold at both locations, which feature breakfast and lunch menus, along with beer, wine, and coffee. “Persephone Downtown is a block away from the iconic Jackson Hole town square,” says Ali. “It is part of all the hustle and bustle, but located under a canopy of old cottonwoods with a giant patio next to a large preserved green space, creating an oasis in the middle of it all.”

“Persephone Westbank is located in the village of Wilson with meandering bike paths and plenty of wildlife. Our Westbank location is only minutes from the legendary skiing of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort/Teton Village,” adds Cassie Dean, general manager of sales.

The cafés attract locals and tourists alike. “We are always grateful for the support of our regulars and [we] participate in community events to continue giving back to our hometown,” says Dean. “ . . . we also have the honor of welcoming visitors to Jackson Hole and sharing our favorite things with them.”

Artistic visuals add another lovely layer, like the spoon wall at their original spot in Jackson. “This was our first café, and we were on a shoestring budget. I love design and thought this would be a fun way to incorporate pattern, [and] culinary tools and fill up a bunch of space without spending big bucks on art,” says Ali. She adds: “The butter painting in our Downtown café is by a local artist, Mike Piggott—we also have another at our Wilson café. Butter, being the essential ingredient to all we do, has a very special place in our hearts and I am a huge fan of his work.”

A gallery wall at the Wilson location was created by friends and owners of the shop Mountain Dandy. “They collected works for years . . . to create a Parisian salon feeling. One of the paintings up there is actually a portrait of Kevin’s grandfather done by a family member!” says Ali.

Both cafés evoke a cozy European feel. “We try not to overlook all the small details so you can immerse yourself in a beautiful and welcoming space to enjoy your delicious coffee, pastry, and cuisine,” says Ali.

Local ingredients are mainstays on the menus, which feature Croque Madame, bread pudding French toast, truffled prosciutto sandwich, and pastries like cinnamon brioche. “We mix, shape, and finish our pastries by hand daily,” explains Ali. “All of our breads are made with our own starter and allowed to rise and develop very slowly, giving them excellent flavor and texture.”

The scenic setting in the Tetons provides endless inspiration for Persephone Bakery and beyond. “We live in paradise and get to bring an experience to the community that we feel very passionate about,” says Ali. Dean agrees: “I am still always discovering something new about our surroundings. To be able to connect and share that with our customers is energizing.”


Written By: Jeanine Matlow

Photo Provided By: Persephone Bakery

Sweet Spot | Cozy Cafes Designed to Delight the Senses
Sweet Spot | Cozy Cafes Designed to Delight the Senses

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