Slow & Steady | Enjoy Slow Travel to Discover More

Slow & Steady | Enjoy Slow Travel to Discover More

  • Kathy Sexton
  • 01/13/23

Slow & Steady | Enjoy Slow Travel to Discover More

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If you’ve ended a vacation feeling more exhausted than refreshed, then try slow travel to get more from your holiday time. It’s an experience designed to leave you invigorated rather than depleted. Like the slow-food, slow-fashion, and slow-living movements, the slow-travel philosophy advocates finding meaningful ways to consume your limited time and resources.

your best slow-travel trip.

It may be cliché, but slow travel truly is about the journey rather than the destination. Select a vacation spot that feeds your soul. Consider these three things to narrow down your list of next-visit locales.

Find activities you enjoy. Do you love museums and bustling cities or experiences where you are immersed in nature? Instead of selecting a location for its popularity, opt for a place that’s right up your alley; you are more likely to enjoy the nuances when you feel at home.

Make connections with residents. Slow travel is people centered. In your destination of choice, see if there are local guides who can dive deep into the character of the area, introduce you to other locals, and point you to the best restaurants and shops. See if the area you want to visit has a local newspaper or visitor’s center. Both are great resources for travelers.

Support locally owned businesses. Slow travel encourages supporting the place you visit and those who live there—not to be altruistic, but to truly find connection. To do that, shop local. Stay at a B&B, eat at a restaurant connected to area farmers, and shop at a boutique that supports regional artists.


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