Shop Your Home

Shop Your Home

  • Kathy Sexton
  • 11/25/22

Shop Your Home: Redecorate Without Spending Money

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"You’d be hard-pressed to find a homeowner who doesn’t love getting something for free. (It’s our favorite price!) If you’re longing for a decor refresh but are keeping a close eye on your budget these days, get creative and shop your home first. Save money, reduce waste, and use things you know you love? It’s a win-win-win.

If you’re decorating seasonally—for the holidays or just the shift to a cozier time of year—take a breath before running out to buy all new items. Can an on-hand vanity tray or charcuterie board help set the stage for a moody vignette? Maybe a candle holder could function as a pedestal or surplus frames could host seasonal prints.

Ready to shop local? Start by going room to room with your list of needs. Look in the back of your closets, drawers, or storage bins for things you may have forgotten about. Perhaps you will discover something that was a good-for-now fix can be good for the long haul in a new spot. This is also a great opportunity to clear out a superfluous stash. Moving forward, consider keeping the pieces you love but currently have no place for on a designated shelf (or two or three) in your basement or garage. Then, you’ll have a go-to “shop” when your guest bath feels a bit tired or you’re ready to swap art in the entryway. Keep everything out and easy to see so you don’t lose track of what you already have.

Tend to hoard photos and artwork? Let that thrift find or treasured memory that’s been collecting dust shine again with a fresh appearance. A mantel, art ledge, or credenza is a great place to display art leaned against a wall, which requires little styling effort and zero nail holes.

If you struggle with seeing the vision, do an online search for creative decor DIY. There you might see images that inspire you to pull out dishes you rarely use but would like to display, or a nightstand that could use a face-lift with new hardware or an oil bath. Real wood pieces can be quickly transformed with a coat of low-cost mineral oil (try a food-safe version if you’re sensitive to scents). Have fun with the process, get creative, and enjoy putting the money you save at home toward something extra special."

YHL/ Written by Maresa Giovannini

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