Seed Starter | Grow Your Garden from Seeds

Seed Starter | Grow Your Garden from Seeds

  • Kathy Sexton
  • 02/24/23

Seed Starter | Grow Your Garden from Seeds

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When you visit the grocery store, how many types of tomatoes do you have to choose from? Maybe a handful? The company Park Seed offers seventy-six types of tomato seeds and Burpee offers 107. What about flowers? Park Seed provides five types of daisies, while Burpee sells nine. As the University of Georgia (UGA) Extension notes, this—the sheer variety available—is often why gardeners choose to grow their garden from seeds. Chain garden stores and even your local nursery simply can’t provide the same wide selection. To stay profitable, they must instead offer the most-popular and easily transported varieties.

Besides more variety, there are other reasons why gardeners choose seeds. As Garden Organic, a UK-based charity, cautions, if you buy plants from a garden center, you don’t know how they’ve been cared for up to the point of purchase. Are the seedlings root-bound? Have they dried out during transport making them less viable? Have they been treated with chemicals during the growing process? Chances are you’ll never know the answers to these questions. But, when you grow from seeds, you alone are in charge of quality control.


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