Making Waves

Making Waves

  • Kathy Sexton
  • 08/11/23

Making Waves | Embrace Water as the Ultimate Design Muse

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Like most animals, humans are naturally drawn to water. It makes up about 60 percent of our bodies, after all. But water can be more than an element that sustains us—it can also be the inspiration for serene and calming interiors that help us relax at a glance. Just ask Lauren Rottet, the Houston, Texas-based architect, designer, and founding principal and president of Rottet Studio. Here, her best advice for taking design cues from the waterscape.

blues you can use.

Whether indigo or azure, cobalt or sapphire, blue is a calming color that science has proven relaxing to the human eye. Here, what to know about decorating with the hue . . . so you don’t feel (ahem) blue.

Read the Room. Wondering where to employ the color of the sky and sea? Shades of blue typically suit bedrooms (where they’re perceived as restful) and bathrooms (where they impart spa-like vibes).

Pair Colors. All you need to do to suss out what works well with blues is to look out your window, where billowing white clouds and verdant grasses tell you almost all you need to know. But for the intrepid, there are a plethora of other options, including a bold red and even soft pastel pinks, which can balance this traditionally masculine shade with warmth.

Don’t Forget Texture. Woven rattan touches, cotton dhurrie rugs, and supple worn leathers can bring a needed dose of earthy balance to an otherwise tranquil blue space.

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