Let it Glow

Let it Glow

  • Kathy Sexton
  • 12/16/22

Let It Glow

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Blogger and DIYer Cassie Bustamante isn’t afraid of a little sparkle. From stenciled stars and disco balls in her entryway to the golden resin in her dining table, a glint of celebration can be found in her home year round. But this season brings an extra-festive glow—and an excuse to get crafty—to the writer’s North Carolina abode. 

Bustamante started her blog in the mid-2000s after discovering a knack for refurbishing furniture. What initially began as an outlet for selling the revitalized pieces has turned into a design hub for readers to find DIY tips and affordable, sustainable decor ideas. “I think it was just a really natural segue from redoing furniture to redoing a house,” she says. “People were curious, and I think redoing the furniture inspired me to get a little more creative inside my house, too. And then I just wanted to share that.”

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