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Gaze & Graze

  • Kathy Sexton
  • 05/12/23

Gaze & Graze | Please a Crowd with Charcuterie Boards

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Fare can be tasty, tactile, or artistic—charcuterie boards are all three. These entertaining staples are easy to assemble and elevate any occasion with style. “Food is art, and charcuterie boards definitely fit that description,” says Lindsay Kennedy, owner of Dolcetto, Cheese, & Specialty Goods in Farmington, Michigan. Here, we share ways to make your own presentation beautiful and tasty too.


cheesy checklist.

Here, Lindsay Kennedy shares her checklist for building a charcuterie board to remember.

  • Think how many guests you will have and how much space you need on the board. Empty space can look nice if done intentionally.
  • Feature at least two meats and three cheeses to keep it interesting. Plan for more if you have a larger group.
  • Add something crunchy, besides crackers, like nuts that are a little bit salty and add visual texture.
  • For something sweet, choose honey, jam, or certain mustards. You don’t need all three, but they will make your tray more dynamic.
  • Check Pinterest for tutorials on making meat roses with a wine glass. And enhance presentation by using a sharp-tipped knife; cheese with clean edges looks professional.


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