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Patty has lived and served in The Woodlands for over twenty years. Originally from Michigan, she grew up in an entrepreneurial family where her father was a successful real estate broker. Curious, she learned at an early age about the exhilarating process of a real estate transaction by watching her dad expertly connect families with their new homes. He instilled a strong work ethic and belief in her growing up that if you treated others with honesty and respect, you always win. It was at this point, her lifelong passion for real estate began.


Her professional life would take her down a different path, but her love of real estate was never far from her thoughts or plans. Patty embraced change and moved multiple times, always in search of different style homes and neighborhoods. Her vision and creativity helped her turn many houses into warm, inviting homes.


Viewing challenges as opportunities, she relished creating something from the ground up. After accepting a position at The Woodlands Christian Academy she was given the responsibility of implementing the development department as advancement director.  In this role, her skills in negotiating, marketing and event planning were honed, and under her leadership funds were raised to build the school’s first new permanent building. This often required delicate conversations with donors which required Patty to be sensitive, an active listener and demonstrate confidence, to ensure transparency resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome.


Patty felt a tug on her heart to move beyond the private school sector and accepted a position with Community Impact Newspaper. She loved how the paper brought hyper local news to every mailbox and knew working collaboratively with small businesses, community leaders and non-profits would allow her to further enhance her consultative approach, sales skills and creativity. She thoroughly enjoyed connecting local business owners with patrons through innovative advertising campaigns. She launched the Spring Klein edition and eventually led the Woodlands paper. Growing the publication to one of the largest and most profitable in the company, Patty balanced managing her team, while winning the admiration and respect of her readers and customers..


Patty is a self professed sports fanatic, being a huge fan of the Houston Astros, college football, and the PGA. In her spare time she enjoys walking along the many paths in The Woodlands enjoying nature, working in the yard and cooking. She is the proud mom of two grown children who are truly her greatest gifts.

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